Treat for Fleas Monthly !!

Have you seen Stray animals, Deer, Opossum, Squirrels, Rabbits or other critters in your yard?

Then chances are good they left you some fleas!

Keep your Pet flea free by treating your pet with an vet approved flea and tick medicine, your home and your yard with good products that work!

Just be diligent!!!!!   If you skimp, cut corners,  don’t follow up every three weeks or when it rains,  when you heavily water plants, add new plants, etc., any bug will have a greater chance of living and breeding again!

Many ask what I use,  so here is what we do  that works best for us! *monthly* and all year round!!

It is really just a easy 3 step treatment that we do as a routine! -again we treat *monthly* and all year round!!

Treat all Dogs!!!!

First, get a Vet Approved Pet preventative from your veterinarian!   Follow your vet’s advice and for correct size!   If your dog has a reaction,  your vet can treat this much easier than some generic over the counter stuff.    We DO NOT recommend a “over the counter” oral or topical pet preventative!

Second,  once your dog is parasite free, we welcome your dog here at StaFra Pet Resort & Spa!

*We do charge more if your pet arrives here for boarding or grooming with fleas, ticks or any parasite!

Treat the House!!!!  and in our case our Resort & Spa too!

Zodiac Flea Foggers ( treats many pests and measures by CUBIC FEET),  TalStar Professional Spray & also I use a little DE(food grade only in my cats’ litter boxes.

Of Course, the obvious, ~ General Cleaning – Dusting, vacuuming, mopping your home daily!   Bugs hide, it’s what they do to survive.   Read and follow all directions for your indoor use!

Treat the Yard!!!

Ortho, Spectracide, Amdro, Bayer, Eliminator GRANULES,  Cutter’s Bug B Gone Yard Spray, Tal-Star Professional Spray & DE(food grade only).

I’ve used them all and these I even mix these together to cover many types of bugs.    Read and follow all directions for your outdoor use!

*Treating grass, trees and flowers, keeping my pets in our fenced areas, not roaming all over our woods and keeping our grass watered and  mowed often!

All of these products can be found easy!

Dog Medications- Your Vet

Granules: Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart

DE (MUST BE FOOD GRADE!!) Tractor Supply Company *TSC

Zodiac Flea Foggers – Tractor Supply Company *TSC

TalStar Professional Spray – Southern States

~ Again, I cannot stand bugs!

It’s so easy to get rid of with just some steps and simple doing!