Stafra Pet Resort and Spa

StaFra German Shepherd Dogs

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Dedicated to raising and training working dogs for Obedience, protection and tracking. Adhering to the strict testing and standards of our breed.

Long Coat & Stock Coat, AKC Registered Working lines.

All of our dogs over 1 year are tested for Hip & Elbow dysplasia  and sent to the SV in Germany for grading & have Stamped pedigrees.  We also test all of our dogs early to ensure we have no issues with carrying or affected genetic markers to damage our breed. We test with Embark Breeder’s Panel – testing over 200 genetic markers.

We currently are very busy training & titling our German Shepherds in AKC, WDA and training towards titles in IGP.   
We are planning our first litter after titling our dogs more possibly the end of 2022.  

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