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Treat for Fleas Monthly !!

Have you seen Squirrels, Rabbits or other critters in your yard?

Then chances are good they left you some fleas. Keep your Pet flea free by treating your pet with an vet approved flea and tick medicine, your home and your yard with good products that work!

Many ask what I use.

Here is what I do that works best for us! *monthly* and year round!!

Pets: Comfortis and DE (food grade only). *Grooming every two to four weeks  here at my Spa!

House, Resort & Spa: Zodiac Flea Foggers ( treats many pests and measures by CUBIC FEET) & also I use DE(food grade only).   *Cleaning-Dusting, vac, mop daily!

Yard: Ortho Max GRANULES, Cutter’s Bug B Gone Yard Spray & DE(food grade only). *Treating grass, trees and flowers, keeping my pets in a fenced area and keeping our grass mowed often!

All of these products can be found easy!

Comfortis- Your Vet

Ortho Max Granules: Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart

DE (MUST BE FOOD GRADE!!) Tractor Supply Company *TSC

Zodiac Flea Foggers, sprays – Tractor Supply Company *TSC


    Busy Season is upon us!



*If you are traveling for a short weekend stay or a extended vacation,  call us ~ We can ensure a great vacation for your pet!

Last minute Spa Grooming may be hard to get in for, but call and we may have a opening sooner than usual due to a cancellation.

Stacy & Frank are taking in new clients for grooming and boarding!  We appreciate all of the new referrals we have been getting!

Both Numbers are land lines and please leave a message if we cannot answer the phones!!!

(864) 296-0522

(864) 296-1160

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Since StaFra Pet Resort & Spa is geared to be tranquil and relaxing for your pet, contact us for directions and a scheduled tour on Wednesdays and Sundays.
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Until next time…


God Bless, and remember… you never know when you are entertaining Angels!

Stacy Morgan-Owner/Groomer

StaFra Pet Resort & Spa

Recommended by our clients and many veterinarians!

Members of Greyhound Crossroads

StaFra Ragdolls **Member of TICA and CFA